Reblooming Daylilies

Daylilies are a classic perennial that love the sun –
you’ll enjoy this hardy, low-maintenance addition to your garden.

All our daylilies are full size, 2-year old field grown plants that ship from our family farm in Gardner, Kansas.

From our garden to yours…

Easy to Grow, Easy to Show!

We guarantee that your daylilies will arrive in prime planting condition, ready to go right in your garden and enjoy immediately.
We ship two-year old field grown plants from our family farm in Gardner, Kansas.

Shipping Information

Our initial shipping charge is $7.95 for up to four plants. For five to nine plants shipping is $11.95, and for more than nine plants shipping is $15.95.

We strive to ship your order within 24 hours of receipt. If there is delay due to adverse weather conditions, we will let you know as soon as possible.

We begin shipping on April 1st, and will continue shipping until September 15th. This will allow your plants time to become established in your garden before the hot summers and cold winters set in. Daylilies should be in the ground at least six weeks before the first frost to make it through the winter when planting in the fall.